Percussion CMS introduces new features, fixes and enhancements every couple months because of its agile development schedule. See what's new in version 4.1.

Percussion CMS Introduces Enhancements to Publishing and Workflow in Newest Release

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Percussion’s highly anticipated release of version 4.1 of our web content management system introduces the usual set of under-the-hood performance improvements alongside two great new features. Workflow comments and incremental publishing are major enhancements and have been launched in response to valuable customer feedback about making their publishing and editing processes more efficient.

Workflow Comments

The objective of Percussion's workflow capabilities is to allow organizations to create a governance process that ensures quality while minimizing the time and effort needed to review and approve content. One of the difficulties in that process was in letting approvers know what had changed when a page was edited or in letting a content contributor know what was wrong in the event that a submitted page was rejected.  

In 4.1, we have delivered Workflow Comments, which allow users to include a description of the changes they made or feedback they want to provide as part of the process of submitting content through the workflow. Comment history is saved so future editors and contributors can see the full history of changes that were made.

This feature was especially important to our customers in financial services, state and local government, and higher education, who are subject to various compliance regulations.

Incremental Publishing

Having to choose between either a single-page publish or a full publish of the entire site created some limitations for customers who were rapidly developing new content. Incremental publishing provides the ability to publish only content that has changed and been approved since the last publish.  

This minimizes the time it takes to get content to the website while still ensuring content goes through the full workflow for review and approval.  As pages, shared assets, or template content is modified and approved, the pages impacted by the changes are queued for incremental publishing. Those items can then be published without needing to publish the rest of the site.  

Learn More About Our Newest Release

Percussion CMS 4.1 is now in limited availability, and is expected to go into general availability for all customers who would like to upgrade in the first full week of May. This release introduces the biggest new features since Widget Builder and responsive templates were introduced in Percussion CMS 3.3, released October 2013.

To learn more Percussion CMS, including more information about our new features and included bug fixes, visit the Percussion help site.

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Dan Flanigan
Vice President of Products | Percussion Software

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