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Webinar Wrapup: Beat the Google Game with Mobile Optimization

Thu Apr 5, 2018

When working on website search engine optimization (SEO), most webmasters and content managers understand working with keywords, metadata, and creating useful content that is truly user-focused.

What many don't know, is that your SEO and overall site effectiveness will suffer if optimizing for mobile devices is not part of your SEO strategy. Creating frictionless experiences regardless of screen size is critical for users who often interact with your site while jumping from device to device. On mobile devices in particular, users generally perceive page loading times as 15% slower than they actually are. Their patience is short, and the window of opportunity in which you can encourage them to take an action on your site is incredibly small.

In our joint webinar with Yottaa, director of products Ari Weil (@aweil) shared his expertise and actionable recommendations on where and how to improve your website so it performs well across devices. 

Our main takeaways?

1. Eliminate errors and manage traffic so you're not undermining your efforts at the outset
2. Develop a mobile-first plan and grow it from there, it's harder to shrink desktop-first strategy
3. Optimize your images and assets to further improve loading times

If you couldn't attend, we've included the full slide deck from Ari's presentation.

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Alexis Karlin
Digital Marketing and Operations Manager | Percussion Software

B2B marketing professional, Alexis Karlin, brings high quality experience to the table at Percussion Software as the Digital Marketing and Operations Manager. Her creative marketing skills help drive high quality leads to the sales team. She imparts her passion for social media to other team members, to help promote brand awareness for the organization. Through organization and enthusiasm she is able to show marketing isn’t just about process and technology, it is about the passion behind the brand.