Percussion CMS 3.4 Released

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Percussion CMS version 3.4 is wrapped and ready to go under our customers’ Christmas trees. Because Percussion Software is an agile development shop, we commit to delivering new releases of our product every eight weeks. Even though our engineering team has matched this cadence repeatedly throughout this year, it’s still exciting to see them complete a sprint early and release a new version before the target date.

Here’s a look at what’s new in Percussion CMS 3.4.

Faster Installations and Upgrades

Changing how our installer works has made new installations and upgrades considerably shorter. Now you can start using the newest version of Percussion CMS in just minutes.

Streamlined Navigation Management

Site folders can now easily be converted into navigation sections. This improves the process of sites important via LiveFirst by allowing a customer to set up their navigation within minutes of importing their site. It also provides greater flexibility to change navigation without necessarily having to create 301 redirects to maintain consistent links for SEO.

Rich Text Editor Enhancements

Content contributors will now have more flexibility when working with images in a rich text widget. You will be able to upload images on the fly, resize images by dragging the border, and set image alignment when inserting an image. When working with tables, you can now set background color for a table or cell through the table editing dialog.

New Tools for Administrators

Site administrators can now disable selected widgets in order to restrict what can be added by users in the Layout tab. This feature, delivered as a dashboard gadget, supports the Widget Builder added in version 3.3 and will prevent users from creating certain types of assets. A background process monitor gadget is now also available for the dashboard and will help administrators view processes like site import (using LiveFirst), publishing, search indexing, site copy, thumbnail generation and workflow assignment to help in monitoring site performance. New administration APIs can be used to retrieve status information about the server, such as whether it’s in maintenance mode and whether there have been any maintenance errors.

Aside from new features, each release adds bug fixes and stability improvements. We are very proud to look back at 2013 and some of this year’s major new additions, such as responsive templates, LiveFirst, and widget builder. In 2014, we plan to keep delivering great new features and enhancements that help our customers do more with their websites.

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Dan Flanigan
Vice President of Products | Percussion Software

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