Must Read Monday

Must-Read Monday: Skip the Low Hanging Fruit and Test to Be More Strategic With Your Content

Thu Apr 5, 2018

It's hard to resist the sense of urgency imparted by constant content marketing talk wherever you turn. You don't want to miss out or get lost in the publishing onslaught, so you churn out as much content as you can, trying desperately to hit that viral note. None of us are immune to it. 

This week's Must-Read Monday roundup is about taking a step back to think strategically, with ideas on being more strategic, avoiding some of the low-hanging fruit, and understanding where testing fits into your content marketing success.

1. How ‘Vertical Silos’ Can Lead to Better Content Marketing Strategies (Content Marketing Institute)

This post blew us away last week because we instinctively cringe at the mention of 'silos.' It turns out, silos can have a major role to play in a very successful content marketing effort.

2. This Is Not the Strategic Marketing We're Looking for (Overit)

Potty humor might work for some businesses, but was it the right move for K-Mart? When brands try too hard to sound "human" and get into some bad habits.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization: 8 Case Studies That Show the Benefit of UX Testing(Econsultancy)

Although not specifically about content marketing, this overview highlights the importance of testing what works and always optimizing to improve conversion. How you present your content can influence its effectiveness and engagement levels before someone even has a chance to read it.

4. Increasing Audience Engagement: Google vs. Pinterest (Search Engine Journal)

Still routinely underutilized by many content marketers, Google and Pinterest are powerful drivers of SERP karma and revenue, respectively. Here are ideas for how to better utilize them in your content marketing toolkit.

5. Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Process: Focus on Content Assets (Moz)

To be more strategic in content marketing means devoting time to creation, planning, and creating a process that keeps you from getting overwhelmed and reactionary. Here's one that you can adapt for your needs.

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Karo Kilfeather, content marketing manager at Percussion Software
Karo Kilfeather
Content Marketing Manager | Percussion Software

Karo was born in Poland, and learned to speak English by watching "Saved by the Bell" reruns during her first summer in the U.S., which has left her unable to go through life without occasionally breaking the fourth wall. As Percussion's content marketing manager, she oversees and creates content that drives website traffic, engages followers, and helps fill the marketing and sales funnel. She writes about content management, content marketing, SEO, social media and web design, and how to make it all less complicated.