Must Read Monday

Must-Read Monday: Most Shared Posts of 2013

Thu Apr 5, 2018

It's Must-Read Monday at Percussion, and also the very last Monday of 2013. Before 2014 swoops in, we wanted to give a final shout-out to our most popular and most shared posts of 2013. In case you missed them, here are the blog posts our readers shared the most. 

1. 10 Signs You're Managing a Website Instead of Content

If you were promised a way to manage content and find yourself managing users and website issues, this list might feel very familiar.

2. Landing Pages vs. Microsites: The Debate Rages On!

We're looking at both sides of this long-standing argument and helping them make nice while giving you the tools to make the right decision.

3. Beat the Google Game by Optimizing for Mobile

Yottaa taught us all about what it costs to ignore mobile customers, and what businesses can gain by making their sites mobile-ready.

4. How to Use Responsive Templates in Percussion CMS 3.3

Going responsive has been a major concern for our customers, and in our October release we introduced built-in responsive templates to make it easier than ever.

5. Customer Story: Eliassen Group (guest post)

Technology staffing consultancy Eliassen Group came to Percussion for a new CMS for their website. Their approach to web projects taught us a lot as well.

6. Eliassen Group Launches Responsive Redesign 

Just a couple months after going live with Percussion, Eliassen Group launched a new responsive redesign of their website, and shared the lessons learned from the project.

7. Quick, Your Boss Wants to Know: What's the Return on that Content? (guest post)

You've been ramping up content production, spending your precious time and energy. How to show your boss that it's helping business.

8. Digital Governance More Important Than Ever

What we learned from digital governance expert Lisa Welchman.

9. What Have You Done for Me Lately? 5 Ways to Tell Your CMS Isn't Doing Its Job

Your website has a job to do, but is your CMS helping, or hurting? How to know the difference and what to do about it.

10. CMS Bait and Switch: What They Demo Isn't Always What You Get

We call it "demo candy." You see great features in a piece of software, but your implementation leaves you wondering where the cream filling went.

11. How to Invest in Mobile: 7 Lessons from Google's Playbook 

You know mobile is important, but how is it different from other web experiences, and how do you get started?

12. How to Get on Google's Knowledge Graph

What it is, how it works, and what you can do to get invited to the party.

13. Agile Marketing with Hubspot's Mike Volpe

What is agile marketing and how can it better prepare you to deal with uncertainty?

It's been a great year with some outstanding content, and we love that our readers loved it. Enjoy revisiting some of these posts, or reading them for the first time, and if you like them, share some more

Karo Kilfeather, content marketing manager at Percussion Software
Karo Kilfeather
Content Marketing Manager | Percussion Software

Karo was born in Poland, and learned to speak English by watching "Saved by the Bell" reruns during her first summer in the U.S., which has left her unable to go through life without occasionally breaking the fourth wall. As Percussion's content marketing manager, she oversees and creates content that drives website traffic, engages followers, and helps fill the marketing and sales funnel. She writes about content management, content marketing, SEO, social media and web design, and how to make it all less complicated.