This blog post highlights how your website doesn't have to be complicated using Percussion CMS.

Your Website: Why it's a costly time suck!

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Your website is complicated.  Sometimes it feels like, the costs and hassle do not seem to end. Software updates, design changes, security updates, content changes, and even content modification require that you continually rely on highly skilled and expensive staff. You have to do so to keep your website fresh, engaging, stable and secure.

What if there was a better way? 

Lets look at some basic principles:

  • Content editors should be able to enter content easily and be free of technical constraint
  • The bulk of your website shouldn't rely on highly skilled talent maintaining a "web application" or dynamic CMS
  • You shouldn't be vulnerable to the security risks that arise from open source dynamic CMS software
  • Designers should be able to design and modify the site without technical assistance
  • Your highly skilled technical staff should be free to focus on your core value proposition... not your website.

Percussion's CMS technology utilizes a decoupled architecture to publish static content to your website. That may sounds complicated, but what you really need to know is that you can free your website from needing expensive technical talent to develop and maintain the site.

  • Content Editors can edit and modify content without technical skill. The content is contained within a CMS that is decoupled from the website. Workflow features add to the content review process.
  • You aren't vulnerable to the all to frequent attacks that happen to dynamic web applications or an open source CMS products. The CMS is decoupled from the website obscuring common attack patterns.
  • Designers can design and implement without developers. Our system was designed specifically with this interaction in mind.
  • You can focus your technical talent on your core mission… A no brainer.

Now, what if you didn't need to spend years or months of effort to get to this nirvana?

That would require a technology that was truly disruptive in the marketplace. Take a look at our LiveFirst technology.  We can import your existing site and have you up and running faster than any other solution.