Picking the right web content management system isn't easy. Learn to ask the right questions to match a CMS with your marketing needs and business goals.

Selecting a Content Management System? Questions to Ask 2.0

Thu Apr 5, 2018

If you want to meet your marketing and business goals, it’s important to treat your website as a living document. Today marketing continues to move away from physical advertising and marketing, to a more digital solution. Companies, Universities, and Government sectors need to be able to update their content as frequently and efficiently as possible to increase Search Engine Optimization and ultimately increase repeat visitors as well as bring in unique visitors.

Choosing a Web Content Management System that is easy to use and easy to update promotes a healthy website and the ability for marketing to be as nimble and effective as possible. A great CMS should give marketing the ability to cut Information Technology out of the picture, to a certain extent. When looking at a CMS, things to take in consideration in terms of ease of use should include the ability to edit text simply, interchangeable roles for team members, drag and drop layout, and being able to find different assets such as pictures, videos, PDF’s, etc.

Don't Forget to Ask Yourself This

One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a CMS is how many people are contributing to your website. If you have a relatively small amount of content contributors you need to be wary of the required skills and the expertise to do so. This is typically not the case, having more content contributors ultimately means higher SEO results. That being said, choosing a CMS that has built-in workflow will greatly reduce errors.

And Don't Forget About This…

Before embarking on a search for your next Content Management System, budget is always something that needs to be taken into consideration. Although you should not let budget define what system you are forced to look into, it is something you need to consider alongside your requirement and needs. Open source CMS may appear to be free but there is a lot more to be said. If you are leaning towards open source, you need to first think about the level of customization that you will need to put into the system to get your website looking the way you want it. To go along side of that, you also need to look at how many resources are needed to maintain a website and how much you are spending on them.

Have you recently looked at selecting a new CMS? What are some of the questions you’ve had to ask throughout this process? We would love to hear from you…