If you are an organization like Eliassen Group, who was looking for a new content management system for web scalability, then this blog post will resonate with you.

A Customer Story from Eliassen Group: Setting the Foundation to Grow

Thu Apr 5, 2018

When it comes to the need for a new CMS, the reasons vary from organization to organization. If you are an organization like Eliassen Group, who was looking for a new content management system for web scalability, then this blog post will resonate with you. Percussion is honored to feature today's guest post by Percussion CMS Customer, Kristen Perry of Eliassen Group.

Eliassen Group, headquartered just outside of Boston, has over 23 years of experience in the technology staffing & consulting services industry. Our rapidly growing company helps clients find highly desirable talent within all areas of IT, Agile services, life sciences, healthcare IT, government services, biometric data solutions, workforce management and direct hires.Recently recognized in the Boston Business Journal as one of the Region's Fastest Growing companies, we’ve expanded to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina. As we continue to grow, we want to ensure our digital presence grows with our organization.

Prior to moving to a new CMS, our website wasn’t set up to generate leads. In addition, it did not allow our business end-users to quickly and efficiently edit and create content without the support of a developer. Because we were behind the curve, our need to migrate to a scalable solution was the driving factor in issuing an RFP.

Getting Started

The fun began after we completed a full migration to Percussion CMS. With the migration, we were able to easily perform a content audit, allowing us to eliminate an estimated 100 unused pages. From here, we had the ability to edit existing content, create new pages, as well as incorporate video. Alongside of these changes, we also pushed forward with a branding refresh which included changing our logo after twenty three years, adding a tag line, and updating our images. As we raced ahead with both content and “look and feel” improvements, we recognized the need to enhance our governance policies related to promoting changes into production, as this process had now become very easy with the use of CM1.

What’s next?

The beauty of Percussion is that it allows us to focus our energies on the introduction of strategically important change into our website environment. Our struggles to promote changes into our production environment are behind us, and our concerns about scaling the growth of our digital presence and having the ability to both track and generate leads from our website have been completely mitigated! At this time, the marketing team is 100% focused on ensuring that our website content is completely aligned with the businesses that we are in, and the clients, consultants, candidates and partners that we interact with daily have complete access to an environment that will answer their questions and address their needs. Finally, we can implement web analytics to successfully track the ROI of our content marketing efforts.

Have you recently implemented a new CMS? What has this enabled you to do moving forward? I'd love to hear from you!