Greg Allen discusses how content marketing's popularity has grown but how the strategy is not worth the effort if there is no ROI measured alongside.

Increasing the ROI of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Content Marketing has quickly become one of the hottest, most effective ways to engage your target audience and increase online conversions. Most companies know the benefit of content marketing but wonder; How can I increase the ROI of my content marketing efforts?

Getting Started

The first step to an effective content marketing strategy is to have an understanding your audience. In today's world we are all "interactive consumers," meaning your target audience has access to various media channels that will influence their purchase decision. Before brainstorming what your content will be about, you must first consider what will capture your audience’s attention. Where are they coming from? What actions will be taken from the landing page? What is the ultimate goal/conversion? How is my content providing value for the consumer? Once you have answered those questions you can begin steering them on your road map to a purchase.

Here Comes the Hard Part

But that was just the easy part. After commanding your audience's attention you must hold on to it. It's been said the average attention span of an online reader is 2.6 seconds. That means a content creator has less than three seconds to be quick, concise, and influence readers to stick around. A consumer influenced by a purchase decision seeks instant gratification and if your content can't deliver they'll move on to the next channel of media.

As you plan out a content strategy it's important to remain consistent and build trust. Set a schedule and stick to it. If you plan to release content Monday, Wednesday, and Friday make sure you’re keeping your promise. This will help build the brand’s thought leadership while gradually becoming a trustworthy news source in the industry. You want to create a relationship with your readers and build their trust. One week with or without content could be a deal maker or deal breaker!

And Last But Not Least…

The final step is influencing your audience to take action. You want readers to be able to quickly and effectively convert into a lead or sale. In order to do so, make sure to have conversion goals surrounding your content. Feel free to provide recommendations and opinions on products within your text without being too "salesy". You want to relate to your readers on a personal level. The more you can do that, the better their relationship with the brand will be.

Content marketing is certainly a long-term strategy and results don’t come overnight. However, with a well thought-out plan, quality content, and conversion factors you can become a powerful player in the online world and see a massive ROI. Don't just create content for content sake; it won't work. Keep in mind your own personal tendencies when making a purchase decision and structure your content in a way that it would speak to you.

Can you think of additional ways to increase the ROI of your content marketing strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.