Percussion, as a single owned company with over 50 employees, held a unique work experience. Here are some of the valuable lessons I learned this summer.

Diary of a Quality Assurance Intern: 3 Valuable Lessons Learned

Thu Apr 5, 2018

This summer, I am very fortunate to have landed an internship at Percussion Software, a leading provider of web content management and content marketing software. During their internship program I was able to get a good glimpse of the ever changing software industry, while gaining valuable knowledge as this was my first internship. Coming from a job working in a supermarket with 180 stores, I had never seen any executives higher than the store manager position. Percussion, as a single owned company with over 50 employees, held a very different work experience. Here are some of the valuable lessons I learned this summer.

Lesson 1: Everyone is Important

I was surprised to see the CEO and CFO every day, and did not expect them to be as pleasant due to the stress-load of the job. Something I've noticed since working here is how important each person in this company is. Each person has a big impact and can make or break the day's work load. 

Lesson 2: Strategy Works & Communication is Key

Another interesting discovery for me is how much 'strategy' really affects the work performance. While working in engineering with multiple people, it can get complicated with all the work to be done and the distribution of work between engineers. Setting deadlines and allocating days to complete a project, clears up any complications. From this I've come to the conclusion, inter-department communication is ‘key’. Each department of the company has an impact in the production of the product and many times one bit of information helps the other immensely.

Lesson 3: I Learned Something New Every Day

An aspect of this company that has helped me succeed throughout my internship is how friendly and knowledgeable everyone is. I came into this role not knowing anything about Web Content Management and I now feel like I could teach a class about it. Sitting close to the sales team helped they know the product front and back, and could answer any question on it. My co-workers are always willing to explain to me the concepts and guide me in the right direction. They don’t give me the answer, but gave me the necessary information to complete the project which is more valuable than just completing it.

I feel that I have learned more in this internship than I have in my two years at college. The breadth and depth of software skills and engineering tools that I have learned to use has given me a real look the software industry and has answered many questions as to how 'code' turns into a real product that customers use daily.