Follow these guidelines to optimize your mobile website.

Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Site

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Katie Belliveau loves blogging about technology as well as helping businesses make the most of their online presence. 

Most Internet users now use a mobile device to access web sites. With this said, it is important that site owners utilize this to their advantage and optimize their websites for mobile use. Mobile optimization doesn’t have to be a complex affair if you understand the basics.

By following a certain set of guidelines you can have your own website optimized for both your visitors and search engines in no time.

Mobile Site Google Visibility

As any webmaster should already know, Google hates any form of duplicated content and severely drops sites rankings when they pick up on this. When you optimize your site for mobile you need to go about it in a way that lets Google know what it is, rather than it simply being viewed as duplicated.

There are three ways that Google will support a website optimized for smartphone use, however with the world of mobile gaining in competitiveness every day, it’s wise to stick to only the one optimization style that Google recommends. They recommend the following; Websites that offer the same HTML to all devices both mobile and desktop from the same URL’s. The only changes made are within the CSS coding to change how the page is rendered depending on the device being used.

Understand Your Customers' Needs

What you always need to keep in mind is what features your mobile site needs to have and what should be avoided. If your site is hard to navigate or doesn’t provide the right experience your customers are looking for, it’s likely they won’t stick around for long.

Always make sure you don’t leave your visitors scrolling round on pages that are too long. Important and informative information should be clear and concise, with multiple pages if there is too much text in any one screen space. 

Think about the reasons behind why people are visiting your site, if you don’t sell online but have a physical store, chances are they will be on your website because they want to know your opening times, are looking for a Google Maps link or simply your phone number. These considerations should always be made so that the right information is placed on the first page.

Users should be given the option to access the Desktop version of your site, even if they are initially pointed to your mobile site. This will come in handy for people who are looking to have an in depth browse, rather than have short snippets of information.

Be mindful where you put any call-to action points on your mobile site, these might be obvious to the user and in turn successful on a desktop version, but on a mobile device they could be missed out. Top corners are usually the best choices. Multivariate Data Analysis is a method many companies use to test out which elements of a website yield the best results.

Mobile SEO

As with a standard website, mobile sites still need to have their SEO (search engine optimization) needs catered to.  This will make sure that your site will appear in its rightful position when keywords are searched from a mobile browser.  Ensure that all your mobile site pages have well written titles, headline tags in place as well as meta descriptions. Be wary of the way you use anchor text, don’t bog your site down with them as this can come across as spammy.


When Google’s bot indexes your mobile site, you need to make sure that it can search for and access HTML or XHTML files that are specifically for mobile. These are found within your Doc Type and it is crucial that they are added as they test whether or not your site is ready for mobile use. It’s important that you check this out to make sure that your site is made fully visible. Almost all good pre-designed templates should could come with this set up automatically.

Although some of these points may seem like laborious tasks, they must be taken care of in order to see the results you want in both traffic and sales. If you struggle with any of them, there are many web development agencies out there that will be happy to help you. The amount of people purchasing on mobile is growing by the day – make sure you don’t miss out.