Senior engineer at Percussion, Jay Seletz, dives into the debate about SEO being dead. And how SEO is more important due to WCM. Learn more.

How SEO Still Relates to WCM

Thu Apr 5, 2018

There has been a recent flurry of debate over the question "Is SEO dead?" I for one do not think so. Why? First, let's take a look back at how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to work. It used be with the right Title Tags, H1 Labels, Meta Descriptions, meta-tags, and many inbound links you could make any website SEO friendly. This would result in higher search engine rankings, until "SEO experts/gurus" learned how to game the system. And of course, Google caught on.

Now that Google has changed the game it's about Quality Content. Not just quality content but the need for frequent content that people want to read. Obviously Google can't tell whether or not your content is what people want to read, but Google can tell whether your content is being shared. Now that RSS is becoming less relevant, online readers are finding what they want to read through their preferred social mediums; Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

So, how does this relate to WCMS? According to Wikipedia: "WCMs provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation". A good WCM solution can help your organization easily create content, allow for organization of contributors, and create and post in SEO friendly formats (which is still important). But, what really matters is being able to quickly and frequently post your new content. With that said it’s important to make sure you invest in the best tool to help you improve your rankings.

What are your thoughts? We would like to hear how you get your content up faster. Have you seen how this affects your organizations Search Engine Ranking?