In her first blog post, President of Percussion Software Deidre Diamond compares the basic yoga poses to web content marketing.

Back to Basics: Web Content Marketing in 5 Yoga Poses

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Content marketing can be easy! So can Yoga, but people make both CMS and Yoga difficult. Focus on the basics, just like Yoga tells you to do and you will find that you're CMS & content marketing needs can be met. Everyone thinks CMS is hard because everyone has developed on top of their CMS to solve other web needs. For me I would compare this to yoga at the gym; incorrectly using a tool and wondering why it isn't working for you!

Yoga at the gym focuses on fast moving poses for a workout. True yoga is about moving body with breath so that the mind and body can be in harmony with one another. Watch a gym yoga class and you will see all kinds of people not breathing, desperately trying to keep up, and unfortunately getting injured.

When I look at the CMS industry I see the same thing. CMS was invented so an organization can create and publish content at a very agile pace and low cost. Can you do this today? Can you easily use your CMS to publish content? Can you also affordably publish content?

If you are a Marketer, Communications Specialist, or an Executive, most likely you are saying no I can't! Those of you who are developers may say yes; but your business needs you to pass this responsibility to non-technical users. With this business shift, comes great responsibility to CMS vendors. Gone are the days of making your CMS do everything. Today Percussion is leading the trend to separate your CMS from business applications; open APIs and mashable integration. Instead Percussion allows for these critical needs to be met by simple API integrations and not custom integrated code. The result, large amounts of user adoption, significantly more traffic, and conversions at 1/3 the cost.

Over the last ten years, as CEO and my 1st blog post, I have found an interesting parallel to the yoga movement and thus a fun and personal way to come out with my 1st blog post. I love being part of transforming the WCM space and I love how yoga basics have empowered me to being a centered and conscious listening leader.

Lotus – Set an Intention

When you sit down to work on your content marketing strategy, unless you are truly in touch with your intentions, you will set yourself up to fail. What is your definition of success? Start here. In yoga, setting an intention means clearing your mind and getting connected to what you want to accomplish on your mat today. The idea is to pick one intention and stay focused on it. An example is; only move in a way that feels good. Most yogis start their practice with this pose and a brief meditation to clear their mind of everything else to get ready for time well spent on the mat. It reminds us step back, take a break and relax before going forward with tackling whatever obstacles lay in your way. Set your content marketing intentions with clarity. 

Sun Salutation – Movement/Energy; "Lots of Work"

Sun salutation is a series of poses that build heat; get the blood pumping. This can be really hard if one doesn't stick to their intention; of enjoying each moment. Same with content marketing, after you have set your intention or measurable results you are going to accomplish; the work now sets in. Things can get hard. Stick to your plan, keep patient, and block/tackle the daily work. You will get results if you stick to it. Enjoy the journey.

Tree – Stability and Focus

Keep going. Don't let content slow you down. Content can be solved by tree pose. The purpose of this pose isn't just about building physical balance; it's about building mental strength through the act pointing your focus in one direction. Content marketers begin to fail when they lose focus on the purpose of their activities.  Start by picking a pain point, topic to tackle, or task at hand and focus only on that specific thing and grow from there just like you grow your tree in this pose.

Triangle – Stretch & Strengthen

This pose helps stretch, strengthens, and relieves stress. Keeping this pose in mind, it's important to remember to be flexible with your content marketing. When important industry news or ground breaking events pop up you need to be ready to react to it; going where the news is a good way to get fresh eyes on your content. And great for your search engine ranking results. Flexibility while working your intentions allows for unusual results.

Shavasana – Feeling the Benefits

Also known as corpse pose, creepy I know, complete by laying still and reflecting on the intention of your practice, a before class and after perspective to see how you feel. Tracking the success of your CMS efforts by using analytics is the direct comparison to this. This is when you can reflect on the intention you set, review the success, and learn from your success & mistakes; so you can come back to your mat the next day with positive anticipation. You should be able to see how you content changes are doing on a daily basis. This is something your CMS should provide.

When it comes to content marketing, remembering the essentials behind each of the above poses is a sure fire way to help you be ready for any situation that may arise. Just remember "No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch."