Bringing new and current customers added value to their Web CMS Software, Percussion joins LaunchPoint, Marketo's Partner Ecosystem. Learn more.

Percussion Joins LaunchPoint, Marketo's Partner Ecosystem

Thu Apr 5, 2018

As we have written here before, Percussion knows that our customers move between their content management and marketing automation systems frequently.  They are setting up and running their digital campaigns, creating highly sophisticated forms, and nurturing new leads in their marketing automation platform. At the same time, they are using Percussion’s content management product to use content to better engage prospects, manage user flows through the website and manage their SEO programs to get found faster.

As we continue along the path of making content management a strategic pillar of the marketers technology stack, alongside Marketing Automation and CRM. We are pleased to join LaunchPoint, Marketo's  partner ecosystem.  Marketo, a leading marketing software vendor, provides the marketer with the infrastructure to create campaigns, establish workflows and the analytics to track marketing's contribution. By joining LaunchPoint, we link with other leading software products in Marketo's ecosystem to help the marketing automation users target the right buyers with the right content at the right time. We look forward to working with Marketo to further streamline how marketers manage their content as part of their overall marketing strategy. If you are a Percussion customer please let us let us know any suggestions you have for an integration.

With content becoming more and more intertwined with the marketing strategy, we continue to strive to make the intersection points with the marketing automation platform as easy as possible for the marketer. Request a demo today to see just how easy it is to accelerate your content marketing strategy with Percussion's content management software.