This guest blog post breaks out the top challenges marketers face when it comes to their website content.

Marketers' Top 5 Challenges (and How to Solve Them)

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Today's marketing and communications professionals face a number of unique challenges. I spend the majority of my day talking to marketers doing their best to effectively present their business on the web, while simultaneously attempting to spend the least amount of time and resources on their web presence.

So what are the biggest issues voiced by marketers?

  • “We have one person adding content to the website through the website content management system because the system is too complex and technical. This is slowing us down and we are afraid that the others would break something.”
  •  “We outsourced the development of our templates, and now we don’t have the skills in-house to change them”
  • “Our agency handles the creation and management of all our forms, polls, comments and blogs. We do not have the ability to manage it ourselves. They charge us per change every time we want to add a new component”
  • “We want each organizational unit to be in charge of their own content. Currently, it all goes through IT”
  • “We cannot see how our content will look on the website until we publish it live to the server”

Marketers are resourceful by nature, so in order to achieve these goals; some choose to hire the best marketing agency in town, while others survey their employees to find the talent internally. However they choose to reach their end goal, a new hurdle marketers then encounter is easy access to updating their own website.

Most marketers don't have an easy way of getting that freshly acquired content out to the website as fast as they would like. Some worry about their “clunky” WCM interface while others talk about the seemingly never-ending emails back and forth between the parties who need to approve their content. 

What is consistent in these marketing gripes is serving their content hungry audience with the freshest content that is most relevant to them, and doing it as quickly as possible. They do not have the time to wait or the money to spend.

When I encounter scenarios like this, I ask about their content management system. I ask them about their website content editors and contributors, and the technologies they have to use to reach their marketing goals. I ask them about the time it takes to turn an idea into a live blog post.

In conversation after conversation, marketers reference having great topics to write about and talented web writers on staff, but their own technology gets in the way of producing content. It is the same technology that slowed their marketing team down and ate up the majority of their marketing budget. 

So, how do we solve this?

It's a constant work in progress to unclog the content bottleneck and turn organizations into agile content marketing powerhouses, but not impossible. It takes time, talent, and technology to produce content in a timely fashion while keeping the cost low. It takes structured approval and workflow processes, as well as a WCM with an intuitive interface to add and review the content on the fly. It takes a team of talented writers, and a WCM system with an interface where the performance of all this content can be monitored closely. So in the case of unexpected or underperforming results, content can be quickly brought down, improved upon, and republished without having to spend weeks of work in the process.

The right web content management system, mixed with a resourceful team and well-planned strategy can ultimately help savvy marketers work smarter, not harder.