It's Time to Get Off the Web Content Management Merry Go Round. Are you ready?

What is the True Cost of Content Management?

Thu Apr 5, 2018

For a long time now, web content management systems have been a dark art—expensive to buy, costly to implement, and  complex to use. If you built your own, you just knew there was a better way. If you have deployed more than one web content management system in your company or your career you kept feeling like “just this next time, I will get it right.” And yet, despite your best efforts, your users always hated the system in the end.  Those web content management systems became too unwieldy, and making changes or upgrading became too costly, it just became easier to just rip it out and hope for a better outcome the next time around.

So, every three to five years the merry go-round would continue. Gather requirements, figure out what went wrong with the current approach, hire a consultant, issue an RFP, narrow the field from 20 vendors to 3, do a deep dive on functionality, purchase, deploy, customize, train, and then… hope. 

Three years later? Start the cycle all over again.

And once you have ridden the build it yourself, outsource, commercial vendor, and open source horses, you are pretty dizzy from all the spinning. We created this short animation describing the journey, and how you can get off the ride before you get sick. Watch the animation below, and when you are done, sign up for a demo to learn how Percussion’s web content management software will save you from another spin around the WCM theme park ride.

Video: Get Off the Web Content Management Merry-Go-Round