This post highlights 3 gadgets from CES 2013 that can help you with your content marketing strategy.

3 Gadgets from CES 2013 to Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thu Apr 5, 2018

If you love technology, or just enjoy gadgets, the next most important thing to setting New Year’s resolutions is watching the plethora of fun gadgets coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show each year.  CES 2013 is wrapping up today and personally, I love CES because it sets the tone for the hot new trends for gadgets in the coming year. (what’s not to love about QuantumVet Tricorder Plus). But if you pay close attention, you will see some amazing tools that can help you as a content marketer. And these days as content becomes more in demand, it’s important to have tools that make your life easier.

Here are three I found interesting:

This tool will help you transcribe meeting instantaneously. This microphone is multi-directional and helps differentiate between voices of up to 6 different people. Software is also available with this micro-phone and there is a smart-phone app where users can tag parts of the conversation while it is happening to point out who is talking. When you are starved for content, it helps to think of “Everything as Content” and your meetings can be easily transformed into content using this gadget.

This filing cabinet combines old school and new school thought processes. In this world of extreme digital, we often forget that a lot of organizations still rely on the mundane process of filing paper work, customer documents, law files, etc. This tool makes it easier to find what you are looking for. You install software on your computer, search on what you are looking for and the correct drawer opens with LED lighting pointing you to the correct file.  

  • Car Technology: A new medium

Another trend prevalent throughout CES is the evolution of dashboard systems in cars. No longer passive devices that report on the car’s operations or provide maps, these in-dash systems are rapidly becoming content platforms as rich as the tablet device market. As with any new format, it’s another device class to consider in your content marketing strategy. Chevrolet’s My Link, Ford’s Sync AppLinkKenwood’s Android Powered car stereo all launched significant enhancements at CES. 

These tools won’t save the day when it comes to your content strategy but they can help make your life easier when it comes to finding content, finding your passwords, and recording meeting notes.

Have you seen any other tools from CES 2013 that you think could help you in your day in day out content marketing? Share them in the comments section below.