This blog posts outlines three principles in which Percussion outlines its content marketing strategy.

My Wish for 2013… A Modern Content Marketing Platform

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Of all the most hyped marketing terms in 2012, Content Marketing has to be right up there in the top five, and with good reason! But regardless of your stance on if content marketing is new or old, whether you regard it as "same old marketing" or as a "new, revolutionary approach to driving down your cost of new customer acquisition," BtoB Magazine research shows you are going to be spending much of 2013 focused on how to better use content to create prospect engagement. 

And once you figure out what your content strategy should be, you are going to quickly realize the tools available to manage that newly minted content marketing strategy are not very good. To wit:

  • You cobbled together a Blog using Wordpress, which is extremely powerful, so long as you have the development resources to manage the blog, and do not have more than one person contributing to the blog.
  • You manage your content plan on a spreadsheet that is sent around the editorial team by email (though if you are reallyadvanced, it’s a doc on Google Drive)
  • Content “ideation” is single threaded through one or two people on the editorial team
  • Pushing updates to your social accounts means a time consuming process of posting content and links one at a time.
  • Your main .com website is so impossible to update that it’s not even considered part of your content marketing strategy
  • All of your marketing campaign pages are managed separately in your marketing automation tool and are not tied into your content marketing efforts
  • As for measuring the effectiveness of your content and the outcome of all of your content marketing? That is a 2014 goal.

…and on it goes

You see, marketers are a resilient bunch. When faced with roadblocks, we tend to find ways around them to keep moving forward, otherwise we are stuck in neutral. Which, much like a shark that stops swimming, is big trouble. So we make do with what we have, and wind up with a disjointed mess of tools.

As we go forward in 2013 we at Percussion will begin to shape what a modern content marketing platform should look like. While the analysts and pundits and other vendors will surely weigh in to create an understanding, we believe in the following basic principles:

  • That content must be connected strategically across the ENTIRE online portfolio. When blogs, landing pages, websites, microsites, social channels appear disjointed, you are diluting the power of what content marketing can achieve. 
  • That your main website MUST be a core component of your content marketing strategy. If you are most focused on your blog because it’s too hard for you to update your website, or you don’t control it, you are fighting with one arm behind your back. Do whatever is necessary (new technology, new process, new people) to ensure you can include your main website as part of your content marketing strategy.
  • That content effectiveness analytics must be used to measure your content marketing efforts.  Whether your tracking engagement, subscribers, marketing qualified leads, or even just awareness, you need to show how your content marketing is driving your business outcomes.  Make sure you have the tools in place to connect these dots. Otherwise, your CFO is going to come knocking to justify your content marketing spend.

Keep these three principles in mind as you put the finishing touches on your 2013 plans and begin executing.  Even if a broader overhaul is not possible, identify key roadblocks and work to streamline your processes. Stay tuned for further announcements from Percussion as we continue to add functionality to our content marketing platform. In the meantime, sign up for a demo today and see how Percussion is transforming your web content experience.