Albert DiGeso Headshot
Albert DiGeso
Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Amy Lessner Headshot
Amy Lessner
Grilled Cheese connoisseur and Pilates instructor
Anthony Romano Headshot
Anthony Romano
Avid birder, fervent developer, hobbyist photographer, and listener of music you might not find on Spotify.
Brendan Salter Headshot
Brendan Salter
I did not catch it on the fly, but I still have it
Bronnie Cabezas Headshot
Bronnie Cabezas
"Every tester has the heart of a a jar on their desk"
Casey Aiello Headshot
Casey Aiello
Crazy noodle lover and conductor of the smile train!
Catherine Garcia Headshot
Catherine Garcia
Numbers cruncher and yoga instructor
Chris Wright  Headshot
Chris Wright
Enjoys programming, playing/teaching music, & long walks on the beach.
Joey Walker Headshot
Joey Walker
I'm not squirreling away my git commits, now go away!
Katharina Shanks  Headshot
Katharina Shanks
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but ski patrol will never catch me.
Mark Webb  Headshot
Mark Webb
Started for Percussion in 1994 as a full stack developer! Stack of pancakes?
Martha Kelley Headshot
Martha Kelley
Love to travel and read, and read about travel
Matthew Ernewein Headshot
Matthew Ernewein
Smasher of keys since 1979
Michael Reidy Headshot
Michael Reidy
Somewhere in an alternate universe, my code is working.
Mike Alden  Headshot
Mike Alden
Entrepreneur, investor, and boating junkie
Mythili Kulamavalavan Headshot
Mythili Kulamavalavan
Lover of my adorable cat(Cleo) and a knitting/crochet addict.
Nate Chadwick  Headshot
Nate Chadwick
Love is all you need, but a little hard work helps too.
Rebecca Koulalis  Headshot
Rebecca Koulalis
Running enthusiast and Espresso Snob!
Shweta Patel  Headshot
Shweta Patel
Sincere engineer who loves to be close to the nature and considers chocolate as a nature product.
Stephen Bolton  Headshot
Stephen Bolton
Can anyone help me find my lost...