What is Percussion Web Content Management?

The Percussion CM1 intuitive, visual, drag & drop interface, combined with advanced features like workflow, roles, shared assets, and versioning—provide advanced web content management (WCM) functionality you need right out of the box. No custom development, no expensive service engagements—just a product that works the way it should.

Creating, managing, and measuring web content and content marketing effectiveness has never been easier. Designed for marketers, designers, writers, and technologist. CM1 gives control and flexibility to achieve—and exceed—your content marketing goals.

Removing roadblocks for marketing, in one install:

  • Intuitive, web-based interface, designed for non-technical user
  • Drag and drop, in-context editing
  • Reusable content, update once, change everywhere
  • Automatic link management
  • Visual, drag and drop dynamic navigation management, requires no development or coding
  • Out of the box user, role and workflow management
  • Baked-in Google Analytics
  • SEO auditing and recommendation engine
  • Automated design and content migration

Removing roadblocks for technologists, in one install:

  • Decoupled Architecture
    • Highly secure
    • Agnostic programming language
  • Single, packaged application for installation
  • Multi-site management, from one installation
  • Easy upgrade, not even comparable to typical CMS
  • Automated design and content migration
  • Mashable Integration for Custom Applications
  • Multiple publishing options such as Database and XML

See for Yourself What All the Fuss is About!

Percussion’s software is the next generation in web content management. Delivered as a highly usable, affordable, and flexible software package, Percussion has transformed how you manage your content, making it easier than ever to accelerate your content marketing initiatives.

Removing roadblocks to effective content marketing:

  • One Click page creation
  • Automated SEO
  • Drag and Drop navigation and site information architecture
  • Instant publishing
  • Advanced workflow engine
  • Integrated or stand-alone blog
  • Highly usable interface unleashes your content contributors
  • Advanced content effectiveness metrics

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