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Percussion's white papers are written to be informative on a range of issues that marketers and web technologists face today. We invite you to download and share today!

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Driving Education Enrollment Through Agile Content Management
In this white paper, we diagnose the top problems in more detail and offer some strategic CMS-based solutions and preventative measures to keep your web strategy healthy and effective.

10 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Home Grown CMS
We have created an easy to read white paper outlining the ten signs that it is time to make a change. Download our white paper today! 

Aragon Research: Hot Vendors in Content Management & Collaboration, 2013
This report showcases vendors that have interesting, cutting-edge products, services or technologies. Download this report to learn about why Percussion CMS was named one of the 2013 Hot Vendors in Content Management and Collaboration.

Content Marketing ROI: Quantifying the Value of the Difference
Using data collected from 96 marketing practitioners as part of Aberdeen's pending Content Marketing and Management study, this Analyst Insight examines the incremental improvement in key marketing conversion metrics.

Live in Five: Changing the definition of going live to drive faster results
Download this white paper to learn examples of things LiveFirst allows you to do after you go live on Percussion CMS.

Getting Found in the Age of Personalized Search
Learn what Google has changed, why it matters to you, and five simple steps to capitalize on the recent changes in search.

Integrating Percussion CMS with Web Applications
This paper outlines how to integrate Percussion CMS with web applications using mashable and hybrid server side mashable integration.

BtoB Research Insights—Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time
BtoB Magazine surveyed 440 B2B marketing professionals about their views of content marketing, budget expectations, their favorite channels and methods, success measures, and what constitutes best practices in this area.

Web User Experience: Why it Matters and Six Ways to Make Yours Great
This paper highlights keys to creating a successful web user experience, including putting an intelligent plan in place, knowing your users and making sure you have tools for maintaining a great web UX over time.

Challenge the Orthodoxy: Launch Your WCM Before Redesign
Learn why it's okay to deploy a new web content management system before you do a website redesign.

EDU Web Strategy Top Pains
This paper discusses four pain points higher education institutions are grappling with and suggestions on how to address them effectively.

The Paradox of Blogging and Content Marketing
80% of you do not have a company blog. This paper digs into the statistics from our blogging research and includes an actionable "do now" plan.

Four Models to Make a Winning WCM Business Case
Use the following paper and the four models that are presented to help as a framework to guide you as you build a case for investing in your web content strategy.

Web Content Management: “Why Can’t I Just Build This Myself?”
This document is designed to help all those involved in a build vs. buy decision; from marketing to IT to finance. It will help you define the elements of the project and provide a framework for decision making.

A Four-Point Strategy for Optimizing Government Websites
This paper identifies how government agencies can eliminate waste, reduce costs by taking out duplication and redundancies, and maximize operational efficiency across all government agency websites.

Decoupled Delivery Architecture: Powering Dynamic Web Properties
This paper provides background on different CMS architectures, describes the benefits of decoupled architecture, and outlines Percussion’s unique approach to the decoupled structure.

Developing .NET Applications with Percussion CMS
Discover how the web content management system works within Microsoft .NET web environments, and how web developers are able to use Visual Studio in conjunction with Percussion CM System.

Higher Education Web Content Management RFP Template

Higher Education Web Content Management RFP Template

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SEO Best Practices: The New Rules of Personalized Search

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