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After years spent fighting with your current web content management system, you are ready to build your business case for a new web content management and content marketing approach. You know that you need to invest in the web content technology that drives your web content strategy to truly achieve your web goals. Unfortunately, “making your life easier” rarely flies as a budget justification strategy.

Actually, it never works.

Instead, you have to frame your web content management business case in the terms familiar to the people writing the checks. And sorry, “more traffic” isn’t good enough either. You have to connect why “more traffic” is going to drive the key business goals for the organization. You have to show what value the organization will receive from your investment, and by when.

Percussion's Four Models for Making Your Web Content Strategy Business Case ensure that you:

  • Connect web content management strategy to business or unit objectives
  • Measure costs of today’s operations and show cost reductions
  • Calculate the value of expanding the web opportunity
  • Net Present Value, ROI, and years to payback modeling

Contact us today if you would like us to help you make the calculation, we are happy to help! Even if you aren’t buying our software (though, we really wish you would!)

Tools to Help You Make a Web Content Management Business Case

ROI Calculator: Find the Value of Publishing More Content

Download White Paper: Building a Business Case for Your Web Content Management Strategy

Download WCM Business Case Checklist: Use this checklist to plan and organize the data collection phase of your business case preparation

Download Cost Calculator: A simple Excel file that you can use to calculate the true cost of your web initiatives

Download Map the WCM Case Tool: Map Business Objectives to Expected Improvement. Use the enclosed table to map your expected results from a new WCM to your overall business objectives

Download White Paper: Considering building your own content system? Read our Build vs Buy white paper first to make a truly strategic decision

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Four Models for Making a Winning WCM Business Case

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WCM Business Case Checklist

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