Our customers love Percussion's drag-and-drop editing, built-in blogs, responsive mobile templates, SEO-friendly metadata management & fast migration with LiveFirst.

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Web content management should be easy. Marketers are expected to use their websites to drive business, but struggle to do so without full control over content, design or functionality. Percussion CMS gives marketers ownership of the website to make their content marketing efforts more effective.

Our award-winning content management system is used by higher education, government, financial services, and businesses. Customers love Percussion's easy-to-use CMS features: friendly interface, intuitive editing tools, built-in blogs, responsive mobile templates, SEO-friendly meta data management & fast migration with LiveFirst.

Percussion CMS makes effective content easy
Content Management

Percussion CMS was designed to help marketers publish effective, engaging content quickly and easily. You don’t need technical skills to contribute or publish content, and our easy to use system lets you empower contributors while enforcing editorial and brand integrity.

Create engaging content that increases leads, conversions, and sales. Grow website traffic and transform SEO through increased content creation and our built-in tools.

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Web Design

Designing templates and building new pages in Percussion CMS is easy and accessible to non-technical users. You can quickly generate templates based on existing pages, add page elements from our menu of built-in components, and change the look and feel of your website without hiring a developer.

Your team maintains control over your design and can adapt your website on the fly. Our native responsive templates make it easy to optimize your website for mobile devices without doing a full redesign.

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Content SEO & ROI

Measure content effectiveness and manage your SEO within Percussion CMS using our marketing dashboard. You can easily integrate your Google Analytics account and monitor visitor activity to ensure your content has maximum impact on your search ranking.

You can view content performance and visitor engagement, audit your website content, and quickly address any SEO issues. Manage your content by measuring it, and ensuring it’s working for you. 

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Your website is the hub of all marketing activity, and should integrate with other marketing platforms you use. Percussion CMS makes it exceptionally easy to integrate your favorite systems, including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing automation
  • Real-time personalization
  • A/B testing platforms
  • Compliance audit tools
  • Video hosting platforms

Choose the tools that work the best for your team and goals, and all systems play well together.

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Because most Percussion launches include our unique Coach-to-Live program, you get full control of your website on the first day, and we help you master everything there is to know about running it.

Percussion CMS customers have gone live in as little as 5 days.  Our system doesn’t add unnecessary overhead to your existing IT infrastructure, and is easy to maintain and upgrade after launch.

Even with new updates to our products launching every two months, we ensure every upgrade is backwards compatible and will not break your system. Our decoupled architecture keeps your CMS safely behind your firewalls, and won’t require constant IT intervention. 

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Current Release: Percussion CMS Version 4.2 | Released July 7, 2014 | Percussion CM1


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