percussion cms features

Ease of Design

With Percussion CMS, Marketers can control all aspects of the site design from branding to page layouts to overall information architecture, minimizing the time and technical skills needed to keep your site design fresh and current.

WYSIWYG Template Creation

The Visual Template, CSS WYSIWYG, editor provides the ability to create regions, modify layout and define each region’s content type through a drag and drop interface. You can immediately see the impact of template changes to page content.

Widgets Library

Percussion includes a library of web page components that enable you to include different types of data and information on your web pages without having to write any code.

Theme Import

Import your existing CSS and Javascript to define your site theme. Either import the source files or use Percussion’s Site Importer feature to import from your live site.
 Percussion CMS - WYSIWYG Template Creation

Percussion CMS - Drag & Drop Navigation


Drag and Drop Navigation

With Percussion's Navigation Editor, you can quickly and easily create your navigation when you first build your site, and you can instantly update it at any time. Re-order your menu or move a section from one area to another with the confidence that sub-pages move with it and every link is automatically updated.


Frictionless Content Contribution

Percussion's content management system allows you to increase the number of content contributors without sacrificing content quality.

Integrated Blogging

Integrated blogs to help boost traffic for your site overall and maximize search engine rankings.

Shared Content

Any content you create can be a shared asset including html, forms, rich text, images, or even flash, enabling you to extend your content across all of your site properties to improve engagement and drive conversions.

Workflow and Governance

As you expand your content contributors, you can ensure the quality and consistency of your message. Build content creation workflows to ensure that all content meets your guidelines and governance practices before it is published. Create custom roles and privileges to manage who has access to which content and who can create, edit, approve and publish content.


Percussion CMS - Widgets Library


Measure Results

Show the ROI of your content marketing efforts by measuring the results of publishing upon traffic and SEO.


Get up-to-the-minute information on site performance and insight into visitor engagement and content effectiveness. Armed with information, you can take quick action to continually improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and the quality of your website content.

Automated SEO

Percussion’s content marketing system allows you to automate your SEO by adding keyword descriptions, page titles, link titles and keyword rich, well-formed URLs to each page upon creation. Analyze your pages to look for gaps in your SEO strategy.

 Percussion CMS - Easy to Use Dashboard

Ease of Integration

Percussion’s flexible approach to integration enables "mashable", data-driven websites that are fresh, dynamic, engaging, and easily managed.

Mashable Integration

For those developers creating external applications to integrate with Percussion, each template and page comes with properties or "code insertion points." A set of widgets allows marketing users to place and format dynamic data and interactions returned by these external applications.

Integratin Percussion CMS with Web Applications

Hybrid, Server Side Integration

For organizations with existing applications where mashup integration may not be possible, or where client-side code is not allowed, we support server side integration. This hybrid, mashable model takes the same architectural approach as the fully mashable model, but moves all the client JavaScript processing into a new web application layer run on the server.

Database and XML Publishing

Content can easily be exported to third-party apps via XML or database publishing.

Flexible Deployment

Decoupled Architecture

Percussion's architecture provides the flexibility to consolidate or distribute system components depending on the needs of the organization. Percussion application is 3-tier architecture (application tier, database server, and web tier) which can be distributed across multiple servers to provide multiple levels of security and service efficiencies.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Percussion application is deployed on a Customer’s existing Operating System, database platforms, and works with your existing webserver. Customer can leverage existing infrastructure, tools, and capabilities to administer the system. Site mirroring, backup, load balancing, etc. require no special capabilities – and is accomplished using the infrastructure and tools of your choice.

Managed Service Offering

For those organizations where the business objective is externalize infrastructure and staffing costs of deployment and managing their WCM and web site, Percussion partners provide both hosting and managed service offerings. All Percussion functions can be managed directly through the web-based administrative interface allowing you the business flexibility of operational costs associated with supporting & managing your web presence over time.

Minimized Governance Effort

Future compatible

As a product, all implementations of Percussion are future compatible. Upgrades are seamless and new functionality is added without disruption to existing users.

Granular Security Access

Create custom roles and privileges to manage who has access to which content and who can create, edit, approve and publish content.

Widget Builder

The integrated Widget Builder provides the ability to create custom web page components to manage structured data without the need for code. Users with HTML, Javascript and CSS skills can create widgets via a visual editor that will ensure future compatibility for “custom” development.

Fastest Time to Value

One of the biggest stepping stones when it comes to launching your website is the traditional website migration process – first you create all your new site design and then you migrate your content. You may think it will take months or even years to take all of the existing content and move it from on CMS to another. With our patent pending LiveFirst technology you can easily automate your CMS migration with the click of a button.

Import – Using our Site Importer feature you can bring in your website's information architecture, design, and all of your content into Percussion's CMS.
Improve – Using the Design Inspector, you can model a templates based on existing page design and add new page features as desired.
Apply – You can publish immediately and from there you can use the CMS as the tool to help you redesign, fix what is broken with your website, and add new content as needed.
Learn – As you see what content and design is driving the most traffic, you can enhance your site as you go.
Go Live Immediately and Drive Revenue with Fresh Content with no JAVA, PHP, or .NET development.

Percussion LiveFirst Technology

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