Case Study:

The Percussion Deployment Enabled the Team to Optimize Its Publishing Process, Repurpose Content Easily, Deploy Social Media Features, Publish Simultaneously to the Mobile Channel, and Syndicate Content

The team recognized the need to upgrade and modernize its website, which was complex, difficult to manage, and lacked social networking capabilities.

Percussion enabled the team to quickly launch new sites and publish new content. A key capability was the ability for the team to separate content management from the creation and delivery procedures, which would enable the organization to take raw content and publish it to multiple mediums and channels.

Key objectives team was able to achieve:

  • Mobile usage is up 400% in 18 months, time spent on site is also substantially higher
  • Content can be automatically syndicated across channels
  • New Information is synchronized with the mobile channel seamlessly
  • New social networking functions create better opportunities for visitors to connect, collaborate, and engage


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