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  1. Easily Add Tabbed Content and Responsive Tabs with Widget Builder

    Wed Apr 16, 2014

    Creating tabbed content hasn’t always been easy for non-technical content contributors, even though tabs are a very popular way of presenting information on a web page. Ideally, contributors should be able to create new content tabs without needing to see or interact with code. To make this process easier, we’ve put together a template your Percussion CMS administrator can use with our Widget Builder. 

  2. Must Read Monday: Improving Web Accessibility Compliance

    Mon Apr 14, 2014

    Web accessibility, compliance, and security of content aren't always a top priority for content marketers. In general, our main concern around web content management is that we can publish content frequently, quickly, and easily, with maximum impact on website traffic, SEO, and conversions. However, between the recent news of OpenSSL security vulnerabilities, and existing accessibility laws, businesses and organizations must ensure that their content is fully accessible to all site visitors, while keeping their website secure.

  3. 4 Awesome Examples of Real-Time Content Personalization in Higher Education

    Fri Apr 11, 2014

    Real-time personalization is a great way to ensure your content reaches its intended audience, encouraging them to stay longer on your website, directing them to the information they want most, and inviting them to take action. Here are 4 great examples of how you can use personalization on a college website.

  4. Does Heartbleed Affect Percussion Customers?

    Thu Apr 10, 2014

    While there is nothing intrinsic in Percussion’s software that makes our products specifically impacted by this bug, the fact is that many of our customers deploy our products on Linux-based web servers, and therefore would be at risk for this issue.


  5. Getting Started with Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

    Wed Apr 9, 2014

    It isn’t hard to find information these days about taking your content marketing to the next level. But what if you’re just getting started with content marketing and feeling like you’re late to the party? Where do you actually begin? We've provided a set of guidelines to help you. Answer these five questions, and you can design a content strategy that will help your bottom line.

  6. Must-Read Monday: Our Most Popular Q1 Blog Posts

    Mon Apr 7, 2014

    When planning our blog posts, we always try to think beyond web content management. We understand that when someone invests in a CMS, they're not just concerned about publishing content. They care about writing better content, SEO, web design, mobile optimization, and making their website a more effective business tool. Looking back at the first quarter of 2014, we saw five blog posts that stood out in terms of engagement.

  7. Case Study: Creating Engagement in the Financial Industry Through Content and Mobile Applications

    Fri Apr 4, 2014

    Creating engagement in the financial industry is about creating value for its customers. In this industry, creating value directly leads to revenue. Ayantek created two mobile applications for LPL Financial to create value through content and a Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) based approach, resulting in higher customer engagement.

  8. March Madness: Who Will Win in the College Website Final Four? Percussion's Predictions

    Wed Apr 2, 2014

    In offices, classrooms, and living rooms across America, March Madness dominates conversations, with everyone focused on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Being big fans of higher education websites, we analyzed the athletics sites for each team in the Final Four and offer our predictions over who scored highest on the web.

  9. Must Read Monday: The Best of Heidi Cohen

    Mon Mar 31, 2014

    Heidi Cohen is known as the actionable content marketing guru, and her blog is always filled with great tips you can apply right away. We've picked some of our favorite posts to share with you for this week's Must-Read Monday.

  10. 3 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Google’s Redesigned Search Results Page (SERPs)

    Fri Mar 28, 2014

    If you’ve recently used Google to search for something, you might have noticed the search results pages (SERPs) look a little different. It might be hard to put your finger on it at first because the changes are so subtle, but because everything Google does is big, these tweaks could make a world of difference for content marketers.

  11. Web Content Management Is the Foundation for Content Marketing

    Wed Mar 26, 2014

    For web content management to be the foundation for content marketing, it must be accessible to the marketing team. It must be extremely easy for marketers to be able to log in, create and publish content, and measure the effectiveness of what they’re doing.

  12. Must Read Monday: Preparing for Mobile Web Domination

    Mon Mar 24, 2014

    Even though 2014 is shaping up to be the year of mobile web, the concept of a mobile version of the web is quickly falling out of favor. With an increasing number of people expecting to do more on the web with their mobile devices, a mobile-specific web and websites are no longer the answers, and mobile-first thinking needs to shape the web for all people and all devices.

  13. 10 Strategies for Making Your Content Mobile Ready

    Fri Mar 21, 2014

    While several factors go into optimizing for better mobile performance, optimizing your content for mobile viewers doesn’t get as much discussion. It takes more than design to make your website mobile ready. To ensure your content is as responsive and mobile-friendly as the rest of your optimized website, you have to understand user behavior and preferences as well as available solutions.

  14. 7 Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy Before Redesigning Your Website

    Wed Mar 19, 2014

    Redesigning your website isn't just about design. Aligning your brand and design with a content strategy will help save you time and money on the project, and make your site more effective. Learn how.

  15. Must Read Monday: Build a Better Landing Page or Microsite

    Mon Mar 17, 2014

    One of our most popular blog posts of all time examines the debate of Landing Pages vs. Microsites, and the debate is a heated one. This week's Must-Read Monday has some of the best tips we could find for building landing pages and microsites for marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

  16. Why the Launch of Your Website is Only the Beginning

    Fri Mar 14, 2014

    Congratulations, you’ve officially launched a new website! Your hard work critiquing designs and entering content has officially paid off. Think it’s now time for you to relax? Think again. The launch of your website marks just the beginning of the continuous journey to measure, analyze and optimize your digital presence. 

  17. 4 Trends and Takeaways from the Google Education Search Q4 Report for 2013

    Wed Mar 12, 2014

    Content marketers in education have an increasingly difficult job to do. Even as education searches for everything from vocational and training programs to master’s degrees increase year over year, so does the competition for clicks from prospective students. Google’s final education search report for 2013 revealed the continuation of some trends from earlier in the year, and highlighted some new ones.

  18. Our 5 Favorite Blog Posts from Our Design and Tech Partners

    Mon Mar 10, 2014

    While we're experts in content management, strategy, and marketing, we are always learning new things from our partners. As an extra nod to our tech and design friends, this week's Must-Read Monday features our favorite blog posts from some of our partners, and a look at our past and future webinars.

  19. 3 Easy Ways to Improve Mobile Engagement

    Fri Mar 7, 2014

    You probably don’t need to be sold on the importance of mobile. In case you do, consider this:  20 percent of all web browsing is already being done on mobile devices, and eCommerce revenue from smartphones increased 116% from 2012 to 2013. The writing is on the wall. Optimize your site for mobile, or lose business to competitors who have done so.

  20. How to Optimize Your Content for Social Sharing with Meta Tags

    Wed Mar 5, 2014

    When you think of optimization, you might think mobile or SEO, but did you know you can optimize your content for sharing on social networks? In this tutorial you will learn how to optimize your web content for sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ using Open Graph Protocol, Microdata, and Twitter Cards markup.

  21. Must Read Monday: Get Content Marketing Right With These Foundational Tips

    Mon Mar 3, 2014

    Content marketing is more than just a buzzword. It is a clear set of activities that you can use to capture and engage your audience whether you are a B2B, B2C, higher education, or government organization. This week's Must-Read Monday focuses on tips for getting content marketing right, guest curated by Percussion's Vice President of Products, Dan Flanigan.

  22. Higher Education Content Strategy: Are You Writing Web Content for Parents?

    Fri Feb 28, 2014

    Anyone who recently has tried recruiting students knows that the parents of Millennials are highly involved in the admissions process and overall college experience. They are both influencers and co-decision makers when a student is choosing a college, and more than before, they expect to be listened and spoken to.

  23. 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Publishing Content on LinkedIn

    Wed Feb 26, 2014

    LinkedIn has opened its publishing platform, previously reserved for thought leaders like Brian Solis and Ann Handley, to all LinkedIn users. Although anyone with a LinkedIn account can now publish original content and make it available to other users. Wondering how to use LinkedIn’s new offering within your content marketing strategy? To get the most out of it, answer the following questions before you click “Publish.”

  24. Must-Read Monday: Improve Your SEO with These Dos and Don'ts

    Mon Feb 24, 2014

    SEO best practices constantly evolve, and whether you're a marketing technologist or digital marketer, that's a lot of information to keep up with just to do your job. Read these top stories for SEO cheat sheets, content-free tactics, and strategies to avoid.

  25. Create SEO-friendly Article Widgets with Percussion’s Widget Builder

    Fri Feb 21, 2014

    Content marketers understand the value of good SEO. Structured data tags have allowed better communication with search engines by including meta-information about the content and pages being searched. Percussion CMS uses widgets to add different types of content to templates and pages, and its new widget builder offers an easy way to include structured markup with your content.

  26. Content Curation Is the New RSS

    Wed Feb 19, 2014

    When Google first announced that they would shutter Google Reader, many  publicly bemoaned Google’s cruelty in abandoning a tool that allowed avid readers to collect and organize countless feeds. RSS might not be dead, but it’s been replaced, and content curation is the new RSS.


  27. How to Build a Better College Website [Webinar Replay]

    Mon Feb 17, 2014

    Let's be honest. A lot of college and university websites could use some improvement. Visitors get lost, offerings are unclear and the content and design don't represent all the amazing things you do. This Must-Read Monday falls on President's Day, so we thought you could use a break from reading, and could enjoy a replay of our very popular webinarHow to Build a Better College Website.

  28. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Part 2: Dump Your Old CMS & Find Your Content Management Match

    Fri Feb 14, 2014

    Earlier this week we discussed the warning signs that your relationship with your content management platform has crossed the point of no return. Now that you know it’s truly over, we have a plan to help you move on.

  29. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Part 1: How to Know When It’s Time to Dump Your CMS

    Wed Feb 12, 2014

    The only thing worse than being alone on Valentine’s Day is being stuck in a bad relationship. While everyone around you celebrates love and romance, you might be feeling a little bitter from all the sweetness. When you log into your content management system, and it’s clear you’ve lost that loving feeling you used to get when creating web content, it could be time for you to move on. 

  30. Build a Better Content Strategy With These Tools

    Mon Feb 10, 2014

    Starting content marketing without a strategy is like doing anything else without a plan: sure, you might feel like you're doing something, but you're not likely to accomplish much. Your content strategy is what defines your purpose, your goals, your approach, and your intended audience. 

  31. What Goes Into Planning a Responsive Redesign?

    Fri Feb 7, 2014

    Today’s Blog Post comes from Eliassen Group Web Designer Kyle Dooley and Media Manager Paul Fleming Jr., who recently discussed why the 19th largest IT staffing firm in the country, headquartered in Wakefield, Mass., elected to construct a new corporate website focused on responsive design.

  32. 8 Ways to Make Your Website Design Mobile First

    Wed Feb 5, 2014

    Mobile web usage is projected to overtake desktop usage for the first time ever in 2014, and that means there’s no going back to designing for desktops and figuring out mobile later. 

  33. Choosing a CMS for Your Website: What You Need to Know

    Mon Feb 3, 2014

    The web content management system you choose will have a serious impact on how you go about design and redesign projects, your editorial workflow and approval processes, user adoption, and the effectiveness of your website. This week we found some great thoughts on what goes into selecting the right content management system. 

  34. 6 Ways Agile Saves Your Content Marketing from Chaos

    Fri Jan 31, 2014

    Responding to shifting priorities is part of marketing, especially in the digital era. Being hyper-adaptive can have its downsides when being reactive prevents you from being proactive. Managing your content marketing to remain focused while responding to new priorities requires an agile approach.

  35. The 2 Types of Content Every College Website Must Have

    Wed Jan 29, 2014

    A college website can be a powerful recruiting tool, an effective fundraising engine, and invaluable resource, but on a bad day, it can also seem like a crotchety Hydra--the mythical beast with countless heads, and more growing in for each one that’s removed. The best way to prioritize content creation and make sure it’s a must for your website is to understand what types of content are crucial to the audience you’re trying to reach, and those fall into two categories.


  36. 5 Can't-Miss Sessions at the 2014 CASE District 1 Conference in Boston

    Mon Jan 27, 2014

    The CASE D1 Conference in Boston is bringing the brightest minds in higher education marketing and advancement together for an intense couple days. We've picked the top 5 sessions we think you can't miss if you're a content marketer, or want to improve your content strategy for 2014 and beyond. 

  37. Customer Story: 2 Key Lessons for Engaging Students with Video Content

    Fri Jan 24, 2014

    Percussion customer Elms College has grown student engagement through video content. They share the lessons they learned in the process in this guest blog post.

  38. How Content Marketing Ensures Customer Success

    Wed Jan 22, 2014

    Designing your content strategy around your customers’ needs will help lead them to you, help build a case in your favor, and give them a roadmap for successfully using your product.

  39. 21 Ways to Improve Your Content Curation and 1 Terrifying Cautionary Tale

    Mon Jan 20, 2014

    To get a little more meta than normal, we're taking this week's Must-Read Monday list of curated links and making it all about successful content curation.

  40. Must Read Monday: Will 2014 Be the Year of the Mobile Web?

    Mon Jan 13, 2014

    A solid mobile experience for website visitors has gone from bleeding-edge innovation, to nice-to-have, to must-have, to "what are you waiting for?" in a short span of time. With people's web habits becoming increasingly mobile-specific, we need to adjust not just design, but content, to what's likely to become a dominant mode of online content consumption. We rounded up 5 great reads on preparing for mobile web dominance in 2014 and beyond.

  41. Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson With Personalization

    Tue Jan 7, 2014

    With real-time web marketing, marketers can personalize the digital experience for each customer, based on what you know about them or their behaviors. They can deliver dynamic, personalized content and make their website the best consultative salesperson or helpful customer service rep.

  42. 50 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy in 2014

    Mon Jan 6, 2014

    This week's Must-Read Monday is brought to you by the number 10. We found five awesome top 10 lists to help you plan for better content strategy, distribution, and SEO in 2014. 

  43. Must-Read Monday: Most Shared Posts of 2013

    Mon Dec 30, 2013

    Our readers have spoken. Here are our top blog posts from 2013, arranged by most social shares.

  44. Must-Read Monday: Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2014

    Mon Dec 23, 2013

    Although the year might be winding down, businesses and marketers are already revving up for what's next. With 2014 arrives the promise of new technologies, apps, content types, and of course, business opportunities. This week's Must-Read Monday crop is all about what's coming in 2014.

  45. Percussion CMS 3.4 Released

    Fri Dec 20, 2013

    Percussion CMS version 3.4 is wrapped and ready to go under our customers’ Christmas trees. Because Percussion Software is an agile development shop, we commit to delivering new releases of our product every eight weeks. Even though our engineering team has matched this cadence repeatedly throughout this year, it’s still exciting to see them complete a sprint early and release a new version before the target date.

  46. Google's Knowledge Graph 101: How You Can Join the Internet of Things

    Thu Dec 19, 2013

    Google’s Knowledge Graph has fundamentally changed the way Google search works by making it work a little more like a human mind than a computer. This is an overview of what it is, how it works, and how to help your information become part of it.

  47. Must-Read Monday: Skip the Low Hanging Fruit and Test to Be More Strategic With Your Content

    Mon Dec 16, 2013

    This week's Must-Read Monday roundup is about taking a step back to think strategically, with ideas on being more strategic, avoiding some of the low-hanging fruit, and understanding where testing fits into your content marketing success.

  48. How to Build Responsive Templates in Percussion CMS

    Thu Dec 12, 2013

    Percussion CMS version 3.3 enables you to quickly and easily create responsive templates that work. The following guide will walk you through how to create a simple responsive template, and style template-level elements such as logos, navigations, body content as well as the footer elements.

  49. Landing Pages or Microsites? The Debate Rages On!

    Tue Dec 10, 2013

    The debate around whether landing pages or microsites are better for online marketers generates strong opinions and heated discussion, like just about any web marketing topic. Rather than take sides or play favorites, we wanted to take a deep breath, count to ten, and step back from the answers to ask the only deciding question that matters: what is your goal?

  50. Must-Read Monday: New Web Design Standards and Designing for User Success

    Mon Dec 9, 2013

    User experience and interface design have become more of a science, and science tells us that even one variable can completely change the final outcome. This week's 5 Must-Read Monday picks examine what makes great design today, and how little changes can make a big difference.

  51. What Have You Done for Me Lately? 5 Ways to Tell If Your CMS Is Not Doing Its Job

    Thu Dec 5, 2013

    We've come up with the 5 definitive questions your website CMS needs to be able to answer to prove that it's doing what it's supposed to and not just standing in your way.

  52. Webinar Wrapup: Amplify Your Content Marketing With Video

    Wed Dec 4, 2013

    The explosive growth of video content on mobile devices is something that can't be ignored: more than 300% year over year. To reach your increasingly mobile customer base, you need content that plays well and engages well on any device, and video is the key. Video platform Brightcove explains how the best brands use video to their advantage.

  53. Control How Users Enter Content Using Custom Widgets

    Tue Dec 3, 2013

    Rich text editors often give CMS users a lot of freedom when it comes to styling and presenting content, and that's not always a good thing. Percussion's Widget Builder allows CMS administrators to structure how contributors enter content in a repeatable way without delving into code or building new templates.

  54. Must-Read Monday: Content Marketing and Lead Generation

    Mon Dec 2, 2013

    Content marketing should be a non-negotiable component of your marketing strategy by now, but confusion persists about where it can fit into lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. This week's top 5 reads should help paint a clearer picture of that relationship.

  55. November Monthly Post Roundup

    Fri Nov 29, 2013

    Our top 10 blog posts from November focused on the trends that were top-of-mind for our customers: mobile strategy, SEO, responsive design, and using interactive content to engage a new audience.

  56. Eliassen Group Launches Responsive Redesign Following Migration to Percussion CMS

    Wed Nov 27, 2013

    Eliassen Group has deep expertise in technology staffing and consulting and needed a website that better communicated that expertise across all web-enabled devices. This week, they launched a responsive redesign of their website to support their business goals.

  57. Must-Read Monday: Mastering the Mobile Web

    Mon Nov 25, 2013

    What bad mobile UX does to your brain, SEO for responsive, improving email for mobile, and more. Our top 5 mobile reads for this week's Must-Read Monday.

  58. Percussion Named Hot Vendor in CMS and Collaboration for 2013 by Aragon Research

    Fri Nov 22, 2013

    Percussion Software found itself in great company as one of the six content management and collaboration platforms selected by Aragon Research as a Hot Vendor for 2013.

  59. When Your Technology Breaks Your Process: 3 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore

    Thu Nov 21, 2013

    Marketers spend a lot of money on shiny new tech solutions to automate and improve their digital game, but sometimes the technology causes more problems than it solves. Here's how to know it's not you, but your tech.

  60. Webinar Wrapup: Engaging Prospective Students on the Web

    Wed Nov 20, 2013

    What do prospective students expect from a college website? Interactive, dynamic, and valuable content is a start. Engage prospective students with these tips from Boston Interactive and Campus Bird.

  61. Must-Read Monday: 5 Things About Social to Know This Morning

    Mon Nov 18, 2013

    This week's Must-Read Monday focuses on big social news: how Facebook is still dominant despite the Snapchat buyout flop, what Twitter is doing to scare Storify, and why retailers are working Pinterest into emails.

  62. Agile Marketing With Hubspot's Mike Volpe

    Fri Nov 15, 2013

    This week we attended a talk by Hubspot's Mike Volpe where he explained how his team applies agile methodology to marketing. Turns out, great companies think alike.

  63. How to Get Your Dream Job In Tech by Ignoring Good Advice

    Wed Nov 13, 2013

    When it comes to getting hired in the tech industry, every company has their own hiring process. However, you can safely bet that the old-school advice from people outside of tech will not get you a job. Here's what actually works.

  64. Get Prospective Students On Your Campus With Interactive Content

    Tue Nov 12, 2013

    College search cycles are lengthening as students consider their school choice more carefully, and many try to avoid the expense of traveling for a college visit. Use interactive content to bridge the gap and bring your campus experience online.

  65. Must Read Monday: Top 5 Content Marketing Reads for the Week

    Mon Nov 11, 2013

    Measure ROI and improve your content marketing with these tips. The top 5 content marketing reads for this week's Must-Read Monday.

  66. How You Can Invest in Mobile: 7 Essential Lessons from Google’s Mobile Playbook

    Thu Nov 7, 2013

    Investing in mobile is no longer a question of why, but how. We took the 7 most important lessons from Google's Mobile Playbook that any organization or business can use for a winning mobile strategy.

  67. How to Use Responsive Templates in Percussion CMS 3.3

    Wed Nov 6, 2013

    If you've put off going mobile because of the time and cost required, Percussion's new responsive templates could be the solution to your problems.

  68. Must-Read Monday: Content Marketing, Facebook Strategy, Selling Mobile, and What Nonprofits Need to Know

    Mon Nov 4, 2013

    Migrating to mobile is more important than ever--even Facebook admits half of its activity happens on mobile. This, and what you need to know about content marketing, nonprofits, and optimization in this week's Must-Read Monday.

  69. Webinar Wrapup: Are You Afraid of the Web?

    Fri Nov 1, 2013

    Halloween is a time for all things frightful. In our special Halloween webinar, our Vice President of Products Dan Flanigan shined a light on some of the scariest aspects of higher education web strategy, and shared some tips for how to make them all less spooky.

  70. October Monthly Post Roundup

    Thu Oct 31, 2013

    It's been a busy month on our blog, with mobile optimization increasingly gaining web design dominance, Google's Hummingbird algorithm changing SEO, and so many digital marketing conferences taking place in Boston. Here's a roundup of our best posts from October, in case you missed them.


  71. Build Widgets and Migrate to Mobile Using Percussion CMS Version 3.3

    Tue Oct 29, 2013

    The newest features in Percussion's CMS allow non-technical users to build custom widgets and make their websites responsive.

  72. Must-Read Monday: Content Is King, but Distribution Is Queen, and Writing Lessons from "Breaking Bad"

    Mon Oct 28, 2013

    This week's Must-Read Monday roundup is all about making your content better, and helping it get found. 

  73. Webinar Wrapup: Beat the Google Game with Mobile Optimization

    Fri Oct 25, 2013

    When working on website search engine optimization (SEO), most webmasters and content managers understand working with keywords, metadata, and creating useful content that is truly user-focused. What many don't know, is that your SEO and overall site effectiveness will suffer if optimizing for mobile devices is not part of your SEO strategy.

  74. Throw Away Your Annual Marketing Plan

    Thu Oct 24, 2013

    The biggest lesson Dan Flanigan took away from the 2013 FutureM conference in Boston? The annual marketing plan is a relic of the past. 

  75. Mobile Cards Are Changing Web Design

    Wed Oct 23, 2013

    Mobile cards were a way to present content on small screens. Now their influence is seen on screens of all sizes and changing web design paradigms. Erica Chang from Zendy Labs explains why it matters.

  76. Must-Read Monday: B2B Gets Serious About Pinterest, Feeding the Hummingbird, and Creating Killer Content

    Mon Oct 21, 2013

    Pinterest aims to become a search giant and what to feed the hummingbird.

  77. Defining Your Digital Governance for an Effective Web Presence

    Thu Oct 17, 2013

    Digital governance expert Lisa Welchman spoke at this year's Digital Pulse Summit in Boston. Here are the most important takeaways from her session.

  78. CMS Bait and Switch: What They Demo Isn't Always What You Get

    Wed Oct 16, 2013

    Everyone wants CMS that is user friendly and offers enough flexibility to grow their site. Most vendors promise that combo, but many also don’t keep that promise.

  79. 10 Signs You're Managing a Website Instead of Content

    Tue Oct 15, 2013

    It’s called web content management, but sometimes it seems you manage everything but. Here are the sure signs you’re managing a website and users instead of content.

  80. Must-Read Monday to Help Kick Off Your Week

    Mon Oct 14, 2013

    Surprising content marketing research findings, a visual guide to Google SERPs, why your campaigns fail, and more you need to know this week. 

  81. Embracing Hummingbird for Conversational Search in Higher Education

    Thu Oct 10, 2013

    Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has swooped in, setting marketers everywhere a flutter on what to do with their SEO strategy. Make this speedy revision your friend.

  82. How Google’s Education Search Report Will Impact Your Content Management Strategy

    Wed Oct 9, 2013

    Google’s most recent quarterly report on education search trends revealed some significant changes in the edu search landscape. These changes have serious implications for higher education marketers and SEO, as well web content management. Here are the most important takeaways for your content strategy.

  83. 4 Reasons to Treat a CMS as a Product and Not a Service

    Mon Oct 7, 2013

    You’ve decided your website needs a new content management system, or maybe you are looking for a CMS for the very first time. The options you will evaluate include open source, development platforms, and entirely outsourcing your CMS.

    Each of these has its pros and cons, but there’s another way to classify web content management platforms: CMS as service, and CMS as product. There are four main advantages to the productization of a CMS.

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  84. Is RSS Dead?!

    Mon Sep 30, 2013

    Addison Jones-Mulaire, Junior UI Engineer, Percussion SoftwareThe recent retirement of Google Reader has left RSS users lost and the rest of us wondering: is RSS becoming obsolete?

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standardized format for displaying webpage data. Instead of having to check a series of sites for updates and information, users simply refer to an RSS Feed. The feed is an aggregation of various articles and other content exported from whatever sites the user wants updates on. This way, the content is streamlined down to be exactly what the user wants to see and minimizes the amount of items on screen, delivering only the essentials. In the first decade of the new millennium, it was an elegant solution for navigating web content.

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  85. Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed Website

    Wed Sep 25, 2013

    Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed WebsiteWe're teaming up with digital marketing agency, Boston Interactive for a three-part blog series to help get your higher ed website in shape for the new school year. This series of posts will cover the importance of social integration, prominent calls to action, and faculty showcasing to provide you with insight and inspiration to improve the effectiveness of your .edu site.

    Everyone has a website. But, do you have a website that drives your audiences toward achieving the key business goals that propels your institution forward? In higher education, there are many different audiences that you need to speak to on your website. How do you do this without diluting your message to each one?

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  86. Adopting a .NET CMS vs. Open Source?

    Mon Sep 23, 2013

    So you find yourself shopping for a Content Management System. With the variety of homogenous CMS platforms in the market today, it makes it hard to disseminate which solution is the best for you?

    Do I go with the “red pill or the blue pill”? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. A suggestion my friend made was “why didn’t Morpheus just take both pills?” It was an interesting argument instigated over several beers, but it did bring up a good question, why do you have to make a choice? Why choose .NET or open source?

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  87. Your Website: Why it's a costly time suck!

    Fri Sep 20, 2013

    Why Your Website is a Costly Time SuckYour website is complicated.  Sometimes it feels like, the costs and hassle do not seem to end. Software updates, design changes, security updates, content changes, and even content modification require that you continually rely on highly skilled and expensive staff. You have to do so to keep your website fresh, engaging, stable and secure.

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  88. Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed Website

    Wed Sep 18, 2013

    Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed WebsiteWe’re teaming up with digital marketing agency, Boston Interactive for a three-part blog series to help get your higher ed website in shape for the new school year. This series of posts will cover the importance of social integration, prominent calls to action, and faculty showcasing to provide you with insight and inspiration to improve the effectiveness of your .edu site.

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  89. Selecting a Content Management System? Questions to Ask 2.0

    Mon Sep 16, 2013

    If you want to meet your marketing and business goals, it’s important to treat your website as a living document. Today marketing continues to move away from physical advertising and marketing, to a more digital solution. Companies, Universities, and Government sectors need to be able to update their content as frequently and efficiently as possible to increase Search Engine Optimization and ultimately increase repeat visitors as well as bring in unique visitors.

    Choosing a Web Content Management System that is easy to use and easy to update promotes a healthy website and the ability for marketing to be as nimble and effective as possible. A great CMS should give marketing the ability to cut Information Technology out of the picture, to a certain extent. When looking at a CMS, things to take in consideration in terms of ease of use should include the ability to edit text simply, interchangeable roles for team members, drag and drop layout, and being able to find different assets such as pictures, videos, PDF's, etc.

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  90. Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed Website

    Thu Sep 12, 2013

    Back to School: Tips for an Effective Higher Ed WebsiteWe're teaming up with digital marketing agency, Boston Interactive for a three-part blog series to help get your higher ed website in shape for the new school year. This series of posts will cover the importance of social integration, prominent calls to action, and faculty showcasing to provide you with insight and inspiration to improve the effectiveness of your .edu site.

    The importance of social media in higher education is no secret. From admissions to academics and advancement, recent studies have reported 96% of universities as using Facebook and 82% being active on Twitter. The question is no longer whether or not your school has a social presence, but how you are utilizing social media in your digital marketing to truly make an impact.

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  91. Percussion's Widget Builder: Productization not Customization

    Wed Sep 11, 2013

    Percussion CMS - Widgets BuilderOver the last several months, we received a sudden increase in the number of custom widget enhancements.  While we had always been asked by prospects and customers for one enhancement or another, suddenly the volume of these requests shot up. And unfortunately, there were no two requests that were the same.  So how were we going to solve this problem?

    Stepping back from the problem, we saw a few things in common among all the requests.

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  92. Thoughts from Customer Success: Get the Most out of Percussion CMS Navigation Widget

    Mon Sep 9, 2013

    Nathaniel Woodland, Senior Percussion CMS SpecialistA common implementation of navigation in Percussion CMS includes a horizontal navigation bar that spans the header area of the page, as well as a vertical navigation menu in the page’s left column.

    In many cases, this top navigation component in the header is a hover-over dropdown menu, which can be setup by configuring the widget to use the “Horizontal rollover” layout. Doing so links the widget up with the embedded Superfish jQuery plugin. This way, you can simply set the widget to display all sections, and Superfish will manage all of the hover-over effects.

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  93. You Want to Implement Responsive Web Design? Do You Know Why?

    Fri Sep 6, 2013

    Ben Cheung - Best Practice Coach - Percussion SoftwareIf you just happen to be in the "know" in the web design world, then you'll have heard the term responsive design thrown around. Originally coined by Ethan Marcotte on May 2010, it really had not gained traction until these past 18 months. Now, everywhere you go web developers, sales, and marketing are throwing around the term. Businesses are rushing to get responsive design implemented, and perhaps you are too. But my question to you is this: do you know why you should?

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  94. A Customer Story from Eliassen Group: Setting the Foundation to Grow

    Fri Aug 30, 2013

    Percussion CMS Customer - Eliassen GroupWhen it comes to the need for a new CMS, the reasons vary from organization to organization. If you are an organization like Eliassen Group, who was looking for a new content management system for web scalability, then this blog post will resonate with you. Percussion is honored to feature today's guest post by Percussion CMS Customer, Kristen Perry of Eliassen Group.

    Eliassen Group, headquartered just outside of Boston, has over 23 years of experience in the technology staffing & consulting services industry. Our rapidly growing company helps clients find highly desirable talent within all areas of IT, Agile services, life sciences, healthcare IT, government services, biometric data solutions, workforce management and direct hires.Recently recognized in the Boston Business Journal as one of the Region’s Fastest Growing companies, we’ve expanded to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina. As we continue to grow, we want to ensure our digital presence grows with our organization.

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  95. Understanding Web Page Redirects

    Mon Aug 26, 2013

    Nathan Chadwick, Consultant / Architect at Percussion SoftwareWeb Page redirects, also known as 301 redirects, are the Internet equivalent of forwarding an new address with the post office when you move. A redirect will tell people the new location that a Page or Asset can be found in on your web site. Redirects also tell search engines like Google where the location to a Page has changed to.

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  96. Compelling Content 101: What You Need to Know

    Tue Aug 20, 2013

    Julia Prevost, Account Executive, Percussion SoftwareAs I was doing the research for this blog post I noticed how many blog posts already existed in regards to creating compelling content for company blogs. They all said the same thing over and over again. Know your audience. True. Do your research on the topic you want to write about. Also, true. Have an outline or flow for the post in mind. Again, true.

    So I figured, instead of writing a post on something that people have already seen a lot, here’s a blog post to tell you what isn’t going to make your blog compelling to read. Basically, it’s a short list of the things that personally frustrate me when I read a bad blog post.

     Read More

  97. Increasing Content ROI

    Mon Aug 12, 2013

    Content Marketing has quickly become one of the hottest, most effective ways to engage your target audience and increase online conversions. Most companies know the benefit of content marketing but wonder; How can I increase the ROI of my content marketing efforts?

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  98. Diary of Another Quality Assurance Intern: 5 Things I Learned From My Internship at Percussion Software

    Tue Aug 6, 2013

    Diary of Another Quality Assurance Intern: 5 Things I learned from my Internship at Percussion SoftwareYou always read blog posts, but have you ever actually written one yourself? It’s rather difficult. When I was asked to write this blog post, I was just in it for the free cookies-- who wouldn't be? This internship has taught me so much and below are a handful of lessons I learned along the way.

    But first, some background; I’m a student at Wentworth Institute of Technology and was fortunate enough to experience my first internship at a software company doing quality assurance work. It sure beats my last summer job of cashiering at a toy store giant (I bet you can guess the one). Working at Percussion has taught me so much more than a classroom ever could. I've learned about the ups and downs of working with a real product. Classroom environments and business environments are totally different and each has its own atmosphere. Sure, most of what I learned in the classroom I can apply to my internships, but this summer I learned what you can’t teach. I immersed myself into the business world and I’m definitely going to benefit when applying to other internships and eventually jobs. Here are the highlights of what I've learned this summer:

     Read More

  99. Diary of a Quality Assurance Intern: 3 Valuable Lessons Learned

    Mon Jul 29, 2013

    Diary of a Quality Assurance Intern: 3 Valuable Lessons LearnedThis summer, I am very fortunate to have landed an internship in Woburn at Percussion Software, a leading provider of web content management and content marketing software. During their internship program I was able to get a good glimpse of the ever changing software industry, while gaining valuable knowledge as this was my first internship. Coming from a job working in a supermarket with 180 stores, I had never seen any executives higher than the store manager position. Percussion, as a single owned company with over 50 employees, held a very different work experience. Here are some of the valuable lessons I learned this summer.

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